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B & J Stucco is fortunate to be one of the few remaining old fashioned stucco companies around. Like thousands of satisfied homeowners, we too welcome you to come and experience the way stucco has been applied for over a hundred years.


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     B & J Stucco Frequently Asked Questions

  •         Frequently asked questions question by homeowners.

Do you still apply stucco the old fashioned way?

How long does stucco last?

Can you clean stucco?

What if my stucco has been painted?

Can stucco come in different colors?

Do you use Thorocoat colors also

Do you use Dryvit?

Do you offer free estimates?

Q:  Do you still apply stucco the old fashioned way?

A:  Yes, we do! The old fashioned way is the original method that I learned and we will continue to use it.  We are one of the few remaining and the most experienced, old fashioned stucco companies around.  In this fashion, the stucco is hand applied with a special brush made exclusively for B & J Stucco. The results are impeccable!

Q:  How long does stucco last?

A:  Stucco will last as long as your house exists.  However, we recommend recoating your stucco every 20-25 years because of environmental conditions that will cause stucco to age in color such as: dirt and other elements that will embed into the stucco.

Q:  Can you clean stucco?

A:  We have found that methods such as using water pressure and/or steam cleaning are not effective ways to clean your stucco. In fact, it is a waste of money. Again, because of the dirt and other environmental pollutants that embed into the stucco over the years, recoating your stucco every 20 years or so will not only be more effective, but will last longer.

Q:  What if my stucco has been painted?

A:  You should never paint your stucco.  Paint suffocates the stucco and dries out the cement, which causes it to pull away from the lath resulting in bulging. To correct this problem, we use a special sealer that we apply to the entire house.  This allows your new stucco to bond as well as breathe. It is in this way that we successfully correct previous mistakes of houses whose stucco has been painted.

Q: Can stucco come in different colors?

Yes. Based on the color of stucco selected by you, we mix a color of powder into the stucco as it is made up from scratch. The amount of the powder added will determine the different stucco shades and variations.  In other words, the less powder added, the lighter the shade and the more powder added, the darker the shade. The color is beautifully matched to what you envision for your home.

Q:  Do you use Thorocoat colors also?

A:  Yes we do. If we can’t make that particular color of stucco, we can also match paint colors that our supplier can convert into Thorocoat colors; which are popular with many homeowners. Thorocoat is also safe for your stucco because it has silica sand in it along with other properties that makes it harmless to your home.

Q:  Do you use Dryvit?

A:  No, never have.  It’s not in the same league with stucco.  Dryvit tends to trap moisture therefore causing more problems to the homeowner.  By far, stucco is at the top of its class. However, we have converted many dryvit homes into beautiful stucco homes.

Q:  Do you offer free estimates?

A:  Yes, estimates are free and are based on a visual and detailed look of your house. You will receive your estimate right there on the spot. The price is determined by the square footage of your home and need for additional repairs. In our professional experience, a few minutes are all we need to give you a fair price.

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