BJ Stucco provides a six-year guarantee on all services to our customers. 

Mixing skimming plaster on trowel for the patching

Expert Recoating and Repair Services

  • Portland Cement Texture
  • Unlimited Thorocoat Colors
  • B&J Stucco will check stucco on exterior of residence and thoroughly wire brush and remove any loose, broken or defective stucco and repair with wire lath and a Portland cement base.
  • Make necessary repairs to cracks and breaks and apply a sealer bonded agent if necessary.
  • Upon completion of repairs, all exterior stucco surfaces will be re-coated with a substantial coating of our renowned B&J stucco texture.
  • Our renowned B&J texture consists of white Portland cement stucco which is hand applied in a stipple finish, creating a rich beautiful uniform overall texture.
  • Particular attention by B&J will be paid to cracks and air leaks around windows and doors.

We Take Care Of You

  • No extra charge for our color selection.
  • During operation, shrubbery, flowers and lawns are protected as work progresses.
  • Windows, doors, and accessories are covered, and the clean up work on wood work, sidewalks and premises in general are carefully taken care of, and any dirt or debris resulting from our work is to be removed.
  • B&J recoating is guaranteed for a period of six years not to peel, flake or wash off.
  • All work includes our “Weather Proof B&J Process.”

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